You have to read this before purchasing a laptop !

You have to read this before purchasing a laptop !

Friends today's post is related to 'how to purchase a laptop'. We are pointing some issues. You must be examine them before you done the deal.

Battery life : As you know laptops are hand-held devices. So it is very important that they have long time battery. Generally laptops gives 2-4 hours battery backup, but many companies may offer more stable battery.
CPU : It is the part which is responsible for performance of a machine. Pantium processor are going to be outdated. So you have to choose atleast i3 or better. The more core with processor, much fast they are. Latest are octa cores. AMD also offers a better range of processors. And one more thing, 64 bit is much better than 32 bit processor.
RAM : Latest laptops comes with 4 GB or more in RAM capacity. Please remember, the more GBs of RAM, the much faster performance. 8GB RAM is ideal for a latest laptop.
HDD : 1 TB hard disk is enough for storage.
SSD : It is an optional upgrade. This is too expensive but give a better response than HDD.
Resolution : It must be 1000X or higher. Because less resolution may affect HD content.
Tracker/ Anti-theft : It is an external thing, but necessary. Many manufacturer offers built in anti-theft security.
OS : It is another important thing. Choose a user friendly OS which is based on GUI (Graphical User Interface).
Camera must be inbuilt with your new product. Otherwise you must spend to buy it manually.
Touch screen is another good thing for better experiance.
If you often travel, Please choose a lighter laptop.

If you give presentation, demos than moving screen laptop will be useful for you. Because you can unplug the screen from keyboard, and use it as a tablet. Rotating display is another choice, if you love it.

If you are a traveler, you have to focus on battery life. Many brand gives 7-8 hours of battery backup. Small screen size improves stable capacity of machine. Light weight laptop may be ideal for you.

Optical drive will no more available in latest laptops, but we recommend a laptop with optical drive. Because many softwares are comes in optical disk only. Than optical drive less machine cause a huge problem.

If your budget permits, we recommend to use atleast 1 Tb SSD for storage.

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