Anti Rape Bra and Jeans will help you!

Anti Rape Bra and Jeans will help you!

From previous few years, Rape cases are increased too much in India. Damini case awake Indian community to do some effective step to prevent these incidents. After a very very hardwork some people invented devices to resque women from rape or any other casting couch. If any one touch your private part, these costume will send a notification to nearby police station. We are describing some of these devices.

1. Anti-Rape jeans :

Diksha Pahak and Anjali Shrivastav designed a jeans.  Both of girls made an electronic device and fixed in jeans. It can be activate by a button. After pressing the button, a call will be made to police station.

2. Social Harnesing Equipment (SHE) :

Maneesha Mohan, Neeladri Basu and Rimpi Tripathi invented this system. This is a bra which is easy  to wear. This contains a short electronic cercuit board, GPS and GSM modules. In the painic situation, it will send your location to your parents and police.

3. Anti-Rape app :

Saurabh Moodi, Tarun Samvedi and  Manoj Porwal build this app for women protection. This app will capture photos and videos of attacker and auto post on facebook. Location based alert also pushed to parents. It is only available for android phones.

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