Battery saving tips for Smart Phones

Battery saving tips for Smart Phones

Everyone have smart phones. Many types of technology, different features and manufactures. But most of users face a same problem for battery backup. Today we are writing about save battery.

1. Adjust brightness :

Yes, this is important to save battery. Brightness uses more energy. You have to adjust brightness of your phone. You may activate night mode in every type of phones. Set your contrast/ brightness at 4 out of 7.

2. Turn off auto update of apps :

In the smart phones, most off applications update themselves automatically. This may cost some data and power. This process uses more power.  So turn off auto updates of applications you installed.

3. Do not use live wallpapers :

Live wallpapers are attractive and beautiful but they also use power resources. So be aware of live wallpapers. Recommended if you are going to tracel.

4. Always close each app :

Generally smart phone users press home or return button to move into home screen. But this way do not close the whole app. You have to close each app properly. Otherwise it will run in background and may be cause of low battery.

5. Uninstall useless apps :

If you installed too much programs, please remove some useless from them. Because they uses both battery and memory. This step will reduce battery uses and improve power and performance.

Some other known issues :

  • Do not use camera when your device do not have sufficient power.
  • Switch to 2G network if you are not in 3G aria or not a 3G data customer.
  • Turn off data network if you do not need it.
  • Turn off GPS if you do not want location based services.
  • Set less time for screen timeout.
  • Reduce volume level if you are not so far from your device.
  • Turn off screen notification.
  • Do not use much widgets.

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