How to create a very strong password

How to create a very strong password

Today we have many online and offline accounts which required a password. Online accounts allows 8-32 characters. The more length is more secure but problematic to remember. But we can create a strong password in minimum strength by using alphabets, numbers and symbols.

How much length is enough ?

Expert advises to choose lengthy password but it is too difficult to remember. We suggest you 10 characters, if your account is not related to your bank account. i.e. Social network, your desktop password.

What to do ?

You have to use uppercase and lowercase letter, numbers, and symbols. Use atleast three of each.
Here is an example : 4A*n+#i0V<d

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Please do not :

» Please do not use your name as Ram.
» Please do not use key board pattern as qwerty, asdfg, zxcvb, mnbvc, lkjhg, poiuy etc.
» Please do not use continue letter as abcdefg or zyxwv or 12345 or 09876 etc.
» Please do not use your phone no.
» Please do not use your birth place, friends or relative's name.

Where to check password ?

    This websites also offers check of your password. It also suggest you some tips to create a strong password. It rate the password in four steps :
     A. Weak **     B. Medium ***     C.   Strong ****  and   D.  Best *****

    This is very good website i ever seen. It shows you minimum requirements of a strong password.
    It shows strength in percents.  Here is a chart which indicate you to what to do.

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