How to improve battery backup of a laptop ?

How to improve battery backup of a laptop ?

Generally the laptop users face a common problem about the power, which is - "low battery!"
But doing some changes in your device. you may improve your battery backup. Wonder? But it is true. Let we learn that how is it possible.

Here are some useful tips for you to improve not only your device's battery backup but also performance.

1. Use a dark photo as a wallpaper :

yes, using a dark picture is a power saver than a light photo. Here is the sience of light. The more light photo uses more brightness and the more brightness uses more power. So switch to a darken wallpaper and save some power for your lappy!

2. Use power settings of your device :

A great way to power saving is just hidden in your device. You can enable it by going to
 Control Panel > System and Security > Power Options
Here you will found some option related to power setting like High PerformaneBalanced and Power saver. These three settings are fully costemisable but you have to choose Power Saver plan without changing it's default settings. It will more helpful for you to save power resources.

3. Reduce brightness of your device :

You know very well that brightness is directly related to battery consuption. So you can menually reduce the brightness level of your device. 
If you have Intel configuration, you can simply right click on your desktop and choose graphics properties. and Color Enhancement and reduce brightness and contrast level. It is very helpful.

4. Avoid multi-tasking :

The multi-tasking feature is very good. But if you are so far from a rechargeble power source, we suggest you to avoid multi-tasking. The tasks uses RAM and it may overload by using multi tasks. RAM uses power source to keep running itself without hanging your device. 
And the more running softwares also cause to discharge the battery by using most of power. So we suggest you to work in only a task at a time.

5. Turn off wi-fi, bluetooth or any other wireless connection :

Most of people do not put their attention on the wireless networks. Generally wireless connecrions create a short aria of frequency for transmission. So they expenses the more power to create a network and send or recieve data. So if you do not need of a wireless transmition, then you may turn off all connection.  

6. Plug out all accesories :

If you are using USB accessories with your laptop, we suggest to plug them out. These external devices also responsible for decrease the power. Because they have not their own power source and directly depends on laptop.

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