Learn How to set parental control in a PC

Learn How to set parental control in a PC

The parental lock feature allows you to keep control on use of your device. This is an inbuilt feature in windows platforms. If you use any other OS, than go to online search and find a suitable software for your OS. Many anti-virus program also offer this tool with their total security pack.

Why we try it?

If you have only one device for computing, than all members of your family is depends on it. They may affect your settings, accounts, registries, files. They may also surf some harmful content. If you face one of these problems, you may use this utility.

How is it useful?

This feature allows you to prevent users to do activities, which are blocked by you through parental control. e.g. If you installed GTA or Takken games on your PC, which are not suitable for children less than 13 years. You may block these games for particular user accounts. After this they will not found shortcut or directory for these programs.

How to set parental control?

This is very is to set. just go to  Control Panel >> User Accounts and Family Safety >> Parental Controls. Than choose an account.
Here you will find these options -
1. Time limits : this feature allows you to set time limit for a user.
2. Games : this feature allows you to set game limit for a user.
3. Allow and block programs : This allows you to block or allow a program to a user.

But the specific software for parental control, gives you a wide range of options. So we advise you to use parental control software for blocking sites and much more.

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