Windows 10 will be a perfect OS

Windows 10 will be a perfect OS

Microsoft always work towards new and inovative expereince. After the windows 8, they directly announce windows 10. When windows 8 was introduced, basic users have many difficulties. Microsoft solved some in their upgrade 8.1. But this Windows 10 is amazing and not have any cause for complain. This is a hybrid OS (it will look like as well as user want. Metro / Classic / 7 looking)

Start menu with a new user interface :

In the windows 8, the start menu was replaced with a new tile menu. Most of users missed the start menu. They face problems in operating this OS. In the new windows 10 it will be available with a new smart look.

Universal search option :

As linux OS's windows also present the universal search. With this feature, you can search for softwares, games, apps and updates. Before this, you have to search worldwide with keywords. And you often not satisfied with search.
     In this search you can find all related software at one place. This will be more powerfull. This will search your pc, software center and websites at a one spot.

Hide metro interface :

If you not like metro look, you will be able to hide this. Go to the windows 10 control panel and check the box 
     ü   Never show me the metro interface
      After this your default look will be displayed.

         Other Features :

  • Universal app support.
  • Easy snapping.
  • Tiles adjustment.
  • Overview of running apps.

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