IT Companies hiring female cheerleaders to motivate male workers!

IT Companies hiring female cheerleaders to motivate male workers!

You often see cheerleaders in tournaments to cheer up players. But now you may surprised to see them in your office. Many companies are hiring female cheerleaders to cheer up and motivate male workers. Specially for programmers in IT sectors.

The Chinese companies always known to do possitive efforts for their workforce.
Now chinese IT sectors realize that after the long data analysis, their developers and programmers got tired by both physically & mantally.
So they are trying a new way to improve work quality, quantity & mental health of their IT-cians. Because they know very well that programmers are the back bone of their company.

Developers with the daily routine got borred with the long data analysis. So after a while they are not so consontrative with their work. They feels tired and lazyness.
HR says - Laughing is the best medicine. And young and sexy girls are exactally for that. They are hired for creating a fun working environment.

The scheme has recieved criticism for being sexy towards women and stereotypic male programmers, but some tech firms think motivating programmers who are terrible at
socializing could be helpful in getting the most out of them.

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