Design your own app without knowlodge of programming!

Do you want to create a mobile application? It's very easy. You are not required knowledge of programming. Here is a software solution by Pixate for developing mobile apps. Here are some steps that would be helpful while creating your own app -

  • Go to the  Pixate website and download the Zip file.
  • Open and install it on your windows PC.
  • Open the software and follow graphical user interface.
  • You have an idea or clear vision to making a new and different mobile software or game.
  • You have a storyline and graphics if you are going to design a game.
  • You have to create levels and difficulties for your game.
  • Create an ad space if you wanna advertise on it.
  • Put it on worldwide or/ and on googleplay to enable downloading to others.
  • Promote your app on social sites via giving a link for download it.
 'Click Here for download'

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