Tips for securing your password

Tips for securing your password

World get online, so more sites, more passwords. We uses many sites and many passwords. Sometime our passwords may be at risk.
 Today we are going to give you some tips for securing passwords.
Don't do: 
Do not write in your diary
Do not save them in your gadgets.
Always protect your devices

Do not share with anyone in any situation
Do not set your nick name, pet name, mobile number, date of birth or any personal combination as your password.
Do not use public data connections

You can do :
You can save on Google drive
change your passwords periodically
Make your password with alpha numerical symbolic with atleast 12 charectors
Enable otp option for bank and all payment gateways
When logging in to bank account, use virtual key board to avoid key loggers.
always log in with your personal device and personal data connection.

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