"I Love You" is a virus?

"I Love You" is a virus?

Most Dangerious computer Viruses.

1. I Love You
This virus comes with E-mail attachments.
Subject line - I love you, and attachment name - Love letter for you.
This virus activate when mail is opened, and forwerd the same E-mail to 50 people from your contacts. This virus crashes the mail server system.

2. Melissa
This virus comes with E-mail attachments.
Functions are as same as i love you.

3. My Doom
This virus comes with E-mail attachments.
Subject - Mail transaction failed.
This virus tranfers itself in addressbook and crashes data.

4. Storm Worm
This virus comes with Links.
When you click on that links it will be install in your system and starts sending spam via internet.

5. CIH
This virus comes with Hard drive.
This virus can crash your hard drive and over-write your BIOS.

6. ANNA Kournikova
This virus comes with E-mail and have a photo of Anna Kournikova in attachment.
This virus infects mailbox.

7. Conficker
This virus comes from social sites.
This may infect all local area network devices. It's most targets are offices.

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