Recover deleted files from your Android phone

Recover deleted files from your Android phone

We almost have some memorable photos. Sometime we delete them, by mistake. Than we need to recover them, But often have no idea.
Today's post is about recovering photos which are deleted by your smartphone. Here are the steps =>

1. Download the recovery management software
      You may find many recovery softwares from google play. One of those is available at above address
      This software is compitable with Android 2.1 & later version.

2. Launch the app and register it

3. Connet your Android phone through USB
4. Turn on the 'USB Debugging' option in your samrtphone.
  Then your phone will automatically connect with your PC. You will see all deleted files like contacts, call log, messages, PDFs, etc.

5. Select the files that you want to recover and click next

6. Scan for deleted files

7. Save them from the photo box
  The selected files will be saved on your PC storage. Later you may transfer them to your phone.

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