Top Voice changer apps for Android while calling

Top Voice changer apps for Android while calling

Top Voice changer apps for Android while calling

1.  Best Voice Changer 2016

Size : 2.6 MB                                                                                   Rating : 3.6 *
Best Voice Changer, This application allows you change your voice so that you can apply sound effects like elephant, Ghost, chipmunk, bee, and more.
Very easy to use just one click make you change your voice to chipmunk effect or ghost effect or more effects.
change your voice now and make funny moments with the best voice changer.
Check out our latest app. Download the app and surprise your friends and Your Family.
Record your voice, apply effects, and share them with your friends.
******HOW TO USE*****
- Open Best Voice Changer.
- Record your voice.
- Apply effects.
- Play and have fun.

2. Voice changer calling
Size : 10 MB                                                                                                            Rating : 3.6 *

Prank your friends, surprise your family.
Use your app to make calls with our voice changer.
Calls are made using your wifi and not with your cellular company.
The calls are very cheap.
Use this app responsibly, your caller id is not masked.
The service does not cover calls to emergency phone numbers and should not be used as such.
"Weird Voice" is based on CSipSimple and is licensed under GNU GPL v3. More information in the app.

3. Call Voice Changer – IntCall
Size : 8.6 MB                                                                                               Rating : 3.7 *

-- The funniest app in the world! -- 
Want to have some fun with your friends over phone calls? Change your voice in real time and add crazy sound effects the next time you're on the phone with Call Voice Changer - IntCall.
It's the ultimate app for making funny phone calls. Make your voice high and funny or deep and creepy at the touch of a button.
Users are loving this hilarious app:
"I called my office and they thought I am a woman LOL" 
"We heard my brother answering the phone in the next room... it was so funny"
"I drive my wife crazy with the dog barks"
Features of Call Voice Changer - IntCall include:
* Make funny phone calls: Easily change the pitch of your voice while on the phone 
* Real-time effects: Change the sound effect any time during your call
* Spice up calls: Play fun sound effects like siren, gong, dog bark, and more!
* Free credits: new users may be given some free minutes to test the app in the 2 weeks after installation. You can buy more time from the app or earn free minutes.
Note that calls are placed over the internet using VOIP so make sure you have a strong internet connection before using the app.
Turn your next phone call into a hilarious experience… download Call Voice Changer - IntCall now!

4. Change Voice While Calling !

Size : 2.5 MB                                                                                               Rating : 3.7 *
Change your voice when calling, call your friends or family and change your voice while during call! you can usi this app also as voice recorder, record your fake call, and have fun with friends and family app,
Have fun with this voice changer app, and change voice call hd without additional costs. Select funny voice changer.
First Lunch the App, and Select your desired voice, press record voice, then record call for free Test it on the App, then call your friend , and icon of the app while appears in the call interface select the voice while ringing then HAVE FUN!
You can choose different voices :
Woman voice, Man, Kid, Robot, Chipmunk Etc. Have FUN!

5. Voice Changer (Prank)

Size : 3.3 MB                                                                                                           Rating : 3.9 *
Are you looking for the best Voice Changer around. So download Prank Voice Changer.
With Prank voice changer you can perform amazing/funny/scary/ telephone prank call and drive your teacher crazy at school.

Change, modify, alter your voice with using the several audio effects presented in this app (i.e., pitch shifting, time straching, fast, slow, backward, reverb, helium, hyper, chipmunk, robot, cyborg, whispering, psyco, possesed, bee, alien).
Moreover it is also possibile to add a fake environment sound in order to make your prank call perfect (i.e., police siren, rain, storm, seaside, bathroom, disco, war).
Once you're satisfied, you can save your altered voice, you can also share it with your friends using skype, whatsapp, wechat and gmail or other email. 
Now it is also possible to share your modified voice using Facebook and Twitter!
- Press on the rec button and start to speak (don't speak too much close to the microphone).
- Press on stop button when you have finished.
- Select an audio Fx and a Theme.
- Press play to ear your modify voice.
- It is also possible to use the parrot mode (a unique feature among all the voice changers around) in order to make
amazing prank call!
- Use the soundboard to generate different audio sound (i.e, 64 among fart, burp, guns and other horror sound).
- Talking Mouth option is a real time moving mouth that allows you to change your face physiognomy choosing among different mouths.
A unique app for alter your voice physiognomy.

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