Fansmitter Virus : know it, detect it, remove it

Fansmitter Virus : know it, detect it, remove it

Dear friends !
Today we are presenting a story about the hacking malware / Trojan – Fansmitter. It is very harmful and deadly tough to recognise. The common users of PC may install an anti-virus software and beware of downloading. But this malware is very hard to detect  by the AVs. And another thing is that, it does not use internet to send your data. Fansmitter is nothing but a potentially unwanted program (PUP). Once it enters your computer, it begins to carry on numerous scam which will not only damage your computer but also will steal your money as well. It always uses ads as the tools and one of the aspects indicating that your PC is infected is that your screen is flooding with numerous ads.

How it works :
It uses the sound waves of cooling fan. When it installed itself to the system, it modifies some settings of cooling fan, and uses it’s wavelength as a mouthp
iece  to transmit data. With these waves it may also delete or modify data of the nearby devices.  It modules that audio signals and sends them to the remote microphone or mobile device.

How to detect and remove :
You can download a tool called Spyhunter and it will do the rest.

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