Hackers are targeting you at Facebook !

Hackers are targeting you at Facebook !

Hey guys!
Today i was browsing facebook. I saw some video links in a group. They were showed attractive video thumbnails. I clicked on it and i was redirected to a page which was looked like as facebook log in page. Here i was asked to re-log in by filling my user name and password. Fortunately i saw the address bar, it was "http://nhoads.ddns.net/ando.html"
I thanked God that i saw it before inserting my details.

What is this?

This is a trap. Some hackers are posting these links with attractive, shocking or porn thumbnails so that you may click them in excitement. When you click them, you will be redirected to another web-page in a new window. This page's graphics and structures are ditto to facebook log in screen.

What will happen when I log-in via this fake website?

Creating this type of trap is called as 'Phishing'. When you fill up your details, this page would able to post these type of links on behalf of you at your timeline and groups that you joined. You would be totally unable to see them.

How I check that my account is phished or not ? How i remove it from my account.

Fortunately here is the way  that you can check your account. Go to facebook setting tab > click on apps. Find any suspect app. Move your mouse point on it, and you will see X icon on that app. Click on it and remove that app.

May i delete that post which were posted by this ?

No, you can't delete that posts, because you would not be able to see them. Only other users can see them.

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